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CROSSTALK is organized by UC Merced faculty from multiple departments brought together by a shared interest in human communication and making research accessible to all.


Dalia Magaña (Associate Professor, Spanish Linguistics)

Research interests: bilingualism, communication, metaphor, language & social justice, community-engaged research


Tyler Marghetis (Assistant Professor, Cognitive & Information Sciences)

Research Interests: communication, creativity, conceptual revolutions, cross-cultural diversity, complex systems



Teenie Matlock (Professor, Cognitive & Information Sciences)

Research interests: Communication, language in society, semantics, metaphor, climate change



Rachel Ryskin (Assistant Professor, Cognitive & Information Sciences)

Research interests: Language, Communication, Learning, Memory, Predictive Processing



Yiran Xu  (Assistant Professor, Writing Studies)

Research interests: Bi/multilingualism, Second language writing, Second language acquisition, Systemic functional linguistics




We are grateful to a number of sponsors for their support of CROSSTALK:

  • Center for the Humanities
  • Gallo Management Program
  • Global Latinidades
  • Robert J. Glushko and Pamela Samuelson




Mailing list: crosstalk-announce